Origami Jumping Frog

Origami Jumping Frog Instructions

The Origami Jumping Frog is really easy to make... To make the frog jump to its best potential, use paper that's a bit thicker. You will need to use rectangular paper for this model

1. Start with a rectangular sheet of paper, white side up.

Fold it in half, and open out again

2. fold both top corners to the opposite edge of the paper. Your creases should look like this.3. Where the diagonal creases meet in the middle, fold the paper backwards, crease well and open.


4. Hold the paper at the sides, bring these points down to the centre line, then flatten. The creases should do most of the work here!5. Fold the uppermost triangles up to the top point.


6. Fold sides in to the centre line.7. Fold bottom of model upwards so the end sits in the centre of the top diamond.


8. Now fold the same part downwards, in half.

Turn over, your Jumping Frog is finished!

To make him jump, press down on his back as shown.

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